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We need to foster more direct and slower innovation, where we give real prominence to human relations. It is the best time to contribute to the awakening of awareness of entrepreneurs and companies to a new paradigm of success that does not place the maximum economic benefit as the engine of their activities, but the creation of shared value for the whole of our society.

Jaisiel Madrid Sánchez
Creator of BUSINESS4ALL® Tools
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Here's what you get...

Picture of Business4ALL Toolkit

Business4ALL TOOLKIT: your toolset to depict activities with economic and social value

Logo of Lean Inclusion Methodology

Proven methodology specifically designed to develop collaborative projects in the social field

Illustrations showint the capture of QR codes located in the back of Business4ALL cards

Unlimited access to over 300 real-world examples that will inspire you during your co-creation activities

Picture of de Business4ALL ONLINE on a tablet device

2 hours of personalized support through Business4ALL ONLINE once the training is over

Image of the certificate as a Business4ALL facilitator

Completion certificate BUSINESS4ALL® FACILITATOR demonstrating the knowledge acquired during training and professionally making the difference as a facilitator in the design of activities with economic and social impact

Photo of several people collaborating while using Business4ALL

New relationships and collaborations with other practitioners from different sectors who are committed, like you, to a more sustainable, inclusive and conscious development model

...and how you'll apply it immediately

Business4ALL allows you to easily move from the ideation of a complex project to a more operational stage, where we focus on executing, validating and spreading the economic and social impact of our activities. It provides a visual framework, much more agile, fluid, participatory and dynamic, away from the complexity and structural constrains of other tools that do not take into account many exceptions and frequent concepts from social sector and that undermine the expression of skills and talents of our collaborators.

Illustration Business4ALL Toolkit

Are you?

Social entrepreneur or founder of a social start-up
You will learn to understand and depict in greater detail the business model behind your ideas and your ongoing activities. If you feel you need to communicate your project better (inside and outside your team) or to structure it better but you don't know how to do it, Business4ALL is your tool.

Member of a foundation, association, NGO or social enterprise
Business4ALL allows you to design new activities or re-define existing ones in a more sustainable way, while ensuring your are covering the real needs of your end-users. You will use it as a shared language to promote understanding and agreement in multi-disciplinary work sessions. We recommend Business4ALL in a special way to entities and professionals who are delivering their activities to groups of people with disabilities and elderly people.

Responsible for an entrepreneurship support service, a business incubator or a co-working space
You will reduce access barriers to your entrepreneurship programs by social projects and impact investors. Based on its inclusive features, Business4ALL is an essential tool for programs that foster a more inclusive entrepreneurship model, where a more personalized and progressive support is required due to the special needs of the participants (for example, some groups of people with disabilities, young people, people over 55, migrants, new entrepreneurs, etc.).

Responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes
You will learn how to effectively implement the concept of shared value in your CSR programmes. We especially recommend this training if you are an entity or professional devoted to promoting CSR programs on the rights of people with disabilities (CSR-D).

Coach, mentor or facilitator on entrepreneurship and innovation processes
You should know that many projects and innovation processes that have economic and social impact are systematically limited when they are "seen" under a traditional approach, where a system of representation prevails that is not sensitive to the context of this type of projects. Do not hesitate and add an important differentiation in your professional offering by means of Business4ALL.

Consultant or manager in multilateral R&D&i projects or in cooperation projects
With Business4ALL you will be able to scape from the heavy and complex documentation or the unproductive "powerpoint" sessions that usually undermine the smooth development of multi-disciplinary work sessions in your R&D&i or cooperation projects.

Civic designer and open innovation manager
The inclusive NDA of Business4ALL allows you to spread citizen participation to a larger number of people. This produces an empowering effect on all participants. Business4ALL is especially suited to quickly depict the activity model behind your Smart City or Living Lab initiatives.

Educator in Secondary School or Vocational Training
By using Business4ALL you will be able to offer a more practical, pedagogical and inclusive entrepreneurial education to the youngest. You can do it in an ethical and responsible way, placing more emphasis on the social connections of projects that reinforce sustainability and positive impact on our society.

Communication and marketing professional
Business4ALL is an ideal tool to get the most out of your Content Marketing strategy. Thanks to its visual representation system you will be able to define with much more accuracy the keywords and main messages of your campaigns and presentations.

Receive your training in an inspiring environment

A privileged space away from your usual work environment where we can develop our creativity and our skills in a relaxed, comfortable and accessible way

Picture of Impact Hub Alameda
Picture of Impact Hub Alameda
Picture of Impact Hub Alameda

Icono de localización del lugar Impact Hub Alameda (Sala Londres), Madrid, Spain

Until a group of 25 people is reached

Training Overview

SATURDAY, MAY 25th, 2019

We invite you to stop for a moment, take a step back, and ask yourself why the way things are done right now... and if it is time to leave behind the old, monolithic models, and start something new, to take a new direction where we place in the center of our activities the quality of the experience of all people.

We've carefully designed this program so you can get it.

MORNING (from 9 am to 12 m.)

SESSION 1. Introduction to Business4ALL

Many of the most creative people use patterns to innovate. Business4ALL allows you to make these patterns more evident, the DNA of innovation, in order to apply it to any new service, product or process with economic and social impact. In this session we familiarize ourselves with the structure of Business4ALL cards. These are the most important concepts to business modeling creating social impact. We will also practice the basic configuration of Business4ALL (Inclusive Value Networks) and we will review other Business4ALL cards configurations used in the rest of the sessions: Clustering, Description, Planning and Classification. Finally, we introduce the complementary iconography included in Business4ALL TOOLKIT, which helps us assign Business4ALL cards a complementary meaning in our business/sustainability models.

SESSION 2. First Inclusive Value Networks with Business4ALL

In the second session we create our first scketches with Business4ALL. This session also serves us to start comparing and relating in a practical way the different Business4ALL cards with real-life experiences in different projects.

SESSION 3. Discovering projects with Business4ALL

We will learn to use Business4ALL to define the shared purpose, aspirations or main challenges that move us to face a project. Describing these values leads us to increase our own "psychological security" and that of the entire team, and should serve as an unequivocal reference during the development of our initiative. In the session we will also practice formulating strategic objectives and learn how to use Business4ALL to quickly discover activities in projects or processes that are underway.

SESSION 4. Identifying opportunities: Jobs to be Done

There is nothing more unmeaning than devoting our resources, time, effort to trying to solve the wrong problem... In this session we use Business4ALL to ensure that what we do is truly relevant to the people we work with. We will practice formulating Jobs to be Done, understand its relationship to Design Thinking process and learn to define Opportunity Areas to achieve the greatest impact with our prospective solutions.

If we do not explicitly consider human, ethical and inclusive factors while designing, we will be discriminating and excluding by design. Any model built on exclusion is not sustainable.

AFTERNOON (from 12:30 pm to 3 pm)

SESSION 5. Addressing solutions: co-design and analysis of Business4ALL models

At this point in the training, we are now able to model more comprehensive solutions, "with more meaning" and positive impact. In this session we will also learn how to define key performance indicators (KPIs) on our own Business4ALL model, as well as how to identify keywords and main messages.

REMEMBER: If you have not articulated the model behind your activities or are not aware of it, you won't be able to innovate, you won't be able to improve, you won't be able to create memorable experiences.

SESSION 6. Some recipes to get the most out of your work sessions with Business4ALL

In this last session we make a brief introduction to other dynamics with Business4ALL that can be especially useful in a phase of execution and scalability of a project. In addition, we give you some keys to prepare your own work sessions with Business4ALL prioritizing, in every moment, the comfort of all participants.

Picture of a work session with Business4ALL with some toolkits on the table

What people using Business4ALL are saying

Indeed, MASTERING BUSINESS4ALL training has been one of the best investments I have made in the last year. Business4ALL TOOLKIT has become an essential tool for me as a consultant on international projects. Business4ALL's visual format is great for helping the client to quickly design and validate complex business models with a high number of participants and value exchanges, and provides the agility and global vision that the client needs.

Ricardo García Bahamonde
Strategic Consultant, Project Manager and Trainer in Accessibility and Disability Inclusion

The support with Business4ALL has allowed me to give soundness to my project idea at the beginning. It has also allowed us to give an appropriate definition of our communication and marketing campaigns in social networks and in our fundraising actions.

Alejandra Evui Salmerón Ntutumu
Fuounder of responsible publishing project Potopoto

Business4ALL is a unique and original tool. I was amazed to be able to use augmentative methods to do something as important as a strategic consultancy to rethink the structure and the way of approaching activities that already exist. With Business4ALL everything takes less time, is clearer and, especially, makes it easier for you to make better decisions.

Enrique Varela Couceiro
President of FUNTESO (Social Technology Foundation)

Business4ALL allows me to have a global image of all the projects of my organization, making easier the management work and the strategic decision making. With Business4ALL, in each project I have at hand important elements that otherwise I might not have considered. Its inclusive format makes team communication much easier, even if you don't have previous experience with the tool.

Rafael Moreno Gómez
President of Rafapuede Foundation

Business4ALL made me gain confidence in myself and my project. It is very easy and intuitive. I have identified all the relationships with my suppliers and my clients and I have understood the business model I was using in my company. With Business4ALL Toolkit it has been much easier to plan improvements, reduce costs and identify new relationships.

Mar Q. Alberca

With Business4ALL I can communicate my ideas and transfer my experience in a more accessible format in which we can all understand each other. Highly recommended for social entrepreneurs who are just starting out and need to quickly grasp fundamental business concepts, or for social organizations that need to diversify their range of activities to be more sustainable.

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Frequently asked questions

When is the registration fee paid?
Once we receive your request to reserve a place at the event (either through our form, by email or telephone), we will contact you so that you can formalize the payment of your registration. Naturally, only the first 25 people who register on MASTERING BUSINESS4ALL will be able to attend the training.

Is the event accessible for people with reduced mobility?
Yes, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can truly enjoy a shared experience at our events, regardless of their functional capabilities and abilities. An accessible environment is a space that recognizes diversity and stimulates the creativity and talent of everyone. Specifically, the space up to the training room is accessible for people with reduced mobility. Once inside, the building has the necessary interior accessibility to be able to access the toilets, as well as the rest of the facilities. Please, if you need any special adaptation to be able to perform the training (such as subtitling, audio induction loop, etc.) do not hesitate to contact us via email hello@business4all.es or by telephone (+34 968 97 75 06).

I would like to learn more about Business4ALL. Where can I find more information?
You can visit Business4ALL's website. You can also read the latest articles from our blog or follow regular publications through our Twitter account (@B4ATools).

Does the price of the training include accommodation?
No. The price includes the 6 hours of training, a Business4ALL TOOLKIT unit, your BUSINESS4ALL® FACILITATOR certificate and two hours of support once the training is completed. Therefore, the price does not include personal travel expenses or food/drinks that each attendee decides to consume in the event venue.

Who is the trainer of MASTERING BUSINESS4ALL?
This event is conducted by Jaisiel Madrid Sánchez, inventor of BUSINESS4ALL tools and founder of Closefunding Consulting Services. Jaisiel holds more than 12 years devoted to the development of shared value ICT projects for various national and international organizations and consortiums. You can visit his LinkedIn profile or follow his personal Twitter account (@JaisielMS). During the sessions we may count on the assistance of other Business4ALL facilitators.

My company or project does not have a social purpose, at least not directly. Could it be interesting for me to do this training?
No doubt about it. You should know that Business4ALL is also being used by commercial initiatives, without a defined social purpose. Moreover, MASTERING BUSINESS4ALL makes you to be "more open" to new business opportunities arising from the social sphere that can lead to interesting sources of competitive edge in your commercial offer. As an advance, we recommend you to read one of our articles.

What is the training schedule?
The training will take place on Saturday 25 May 2019 from 9am to 3pm. If you are unable to attend this event, but are interested in doing the training, please be sure to indicate this on our form, or by email or telephone.We will be happy to keep you up-to-date with the latest MASTERING BUSINESS4ALL events and online courses.

Does MASTERING BUSINESS4ALL take place in other cities and countries?
Yes, we are currently preparing other events in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, as well as in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Send us an email to hello@business4all.es if you want to pre-register for this event. Anyway, we are loving celebrating MASTERING BUSINESS4ALL in other cities and countries. If you have a specific proposal, please send us an email or call us to explore all possibilities.

I cannot attend the event, but I would like to be certified in the use of BUSINESS4ALL. Is it possible to do it remotely?
Yes, send us an email and we will inform you of the different options of online training that include both the BUSINESS4ALL® FACILITATOR certification and the purchase of BUSINESS4ALL TOOLKIT.

We would like to receive this training in our organization. How could we do it?
All you have to do is send us an email to hello@business4all.es where you indicate the details of your organisation, a contact person and the main needs that you would like to address at the moment. We are pleased to co-design with you a training proposal on Business4ALL completely customized and tailored to your needs and expectations. You can also call us by telephone at the following number: +34 644 308 097.